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A degree in Psychology, a Masters in Occupational Psychology and a Graduate Trainee for the NHS HR Management Training Scheme…that was my life until July 2006. So why start my own business, in Costume Jewellery & Fashion Jewelry of all things I hear you ask? Simple! I saw a niche in the market for costume jewellery and fashion jewelry and decided I wanted the challenge of bringing costume jewellery of extremely high quality, elegance and above all sexiness to every single person in the UK be it man, woman or cat! So whether you need something for a night out, for work or for that extra special occasion, we can add that missing glamour to your outfit!

Having travelled for an extensive period to the Americas to Europe to Australasia throughout my life, I found that there is a whole world of elaborate or demure, sexy or refined costume jewellery that we could only have dreamt of…until now. So having seen a world of possibilities I decided to set up Shefaly: House of Jewels. Now I have a dedicated team which travels the globe to find our distinctive products. Our fashion jewelry & costume jewellery uses the finest stones, including Swarovski and Czech gemstones and Austrian Crystals of the highest quality. This ensures that we can provide you with the ultimate in quality, design and choice whilst making such chic costume jewellery and other accessories more affordable than high street outlets and brands. The style of our jewellery is also so unique that I can guarantee you will not find similar items even if you trawled around the UK in your VW Beetle or surfed the net until your fingers where sore! So no longer is the butterfly exclusive to Mariah Carey (we know how much she likes butterfly's after all)! We can all have a butterfly ring, butterfly bracelet, butterfly handbag, butterfly belt…well you get the gist.

As we are a web based operation with manufacturing capabilities and key concessions located around the country, it ensures that we are competitively priced. But rest assured, if you would like to see our costume and fashion jewellery products first hand, please contact one of our customer services advisors who will ensure you are directed to your nearest stockist of Shefaly: House of Jewels products. Or why not just order the costume jewellery you like, we will send it out to you FREE and if you don’t like what you see, send it back to us…we have a FREE returns policy too*!

I hope you like the costume jewellery, fashion jewelry and accessories I have choosen especially for all you style conscious women and men out there. If there is anything I can do to improve the experience of my service please let me know. I am always interested in hearing from you whether you want to stock our products, hold a jewellery party with a bunch of friends or just to let us know how thrilled you are with our products. Shefaly: House of Jewels are here to let the sparkle come back into your wardrobe. Colour is back in Fashion!




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