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New to Shefaly- Nappy Cakes!

Nappy cakes are the new as a baby shower gift, and the best gift you could give an expectant mum-to-be as not only does it look spectacular, but if you know the gender of the baby you can add some gorgeous girls costume jewellery to the cake too to make it sparkle!
They are a spectacular site! They really do look better in person though. And we have decided to make our own nappy cakes too. We can make the nappy cake in any colour combination you like. Email to get more information on what we can do for you with regards to making a nappy cake for you.

Shefaly in the Press!

Our overall PR campaign is working its magic as you have read with TV, but its not just targeted there! We have been featured many times in Now Magazine, The London paper, wedding ideas magazine, Asiana Weddings, Perfect Weddings, Asian Bride, Black Meringue & GQ,  for crystal tiaras, costume jewellery, wedding jewellery, bracelets,  fashion earrings and rings! We are finding it hard to update our website with the amazing coverage we are getting currently, so you'll have to buy the magazines to see us in it!

We now have a dedicated page to our press cuttings as we cannot fit them all into here! Please cllick here to see our fabulous costume jewellery,being featured in magazines and on celebriteis! We are also in 'Now Magazine' for the 4th August 2008, with Kim Marsh featured wearing Shefaly House of Jewels necklace! Take a look! 

Update: Shefaly House of Jewels has been featured in TheLondonPaper, the free daily paper with its Jewelled Cuff in the 'shopping forcast' alongside other famous brands! The cutting will be placed in our press page in the next few days! How exciting!! The quote states "Shefaly: This new online jewellery label does colourful jingle jangle at affordable prices". Also, see us in Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1 from the 20th September 2008! Our hair accessories have been used in many of the scenes & dances! We will have a full list of products used in the next few weeks once we catch up with the stylist!

Latest Products being designed & Whats Really New!

News just in! 2008 has seen the launch of our 'Anjouxxx' Collection. This exclusive range of jewellery designed with Cameron Diaz & Cathrine Zeta-Jones in mind and will be hand crafted, many from sterling silver, and will include exceptional jewellery for evening jewelry, casual wear, asian bridal jewelry, and bridal jewellery for all types of weddings. The prices for these ranges are expected to be at a premium due to the additional attributes provided, but we are sure that it is worth it and named after someone very special to Shefaly! These designs are are now available! Please look at our categories area to the left! (some of these crystal ones are amazing, and have to be seen to fully appreciated! This range has without a doubt made a movement of a new trend!

Shefaly House of Jewels team are also busy developing our new home shopping catalgue. This will be finalised and printed out in 3 months ready for xmas shopping! This catalgue will be distributed initially to all customers who have registered to the website. It will also include a host of special discounts once it is printed.

Our cufflink range is about to get a face lift, yes that right, a new range of custom made boxes are under way and all shipments after August 2008 will feature the exclusively designed Shefaly London Boxes. See below for further details! Make sure you stand out at work and order a pair of our exclusive crystal cufflinks!!

Also, we've adding new colours to existing necklace sets too! This adds a much wider range to our costume jewellery and bridal jewellery.Take a look at our Emerald Elegance set in our latest products! New designs are expected to be released onto our site from March 2008, so if your getting married make sure you take a look at our website in March!

What am I up to you ask?!

Firstly, Shefaly House of Jewels is now a registered trade mark in Europe! This allows us to continue to develop our brand, expand our product range with exclusivity, and make our impression into the world of fashion jewellery! Now our customers can say with pride that they shop at Shefaly, and our registration embodies our commitment to our customers & products.

This year SKY one has used our products as part of Project Catwalk! A large selection of our Costume jewellery & Fashion jewellery has been used, namely Swarovski & crystal necklace and earring sets, large earrings, tiaras & rings have been used in the production during catwalk scenes and as a part of the designers brief for colour and clothing design. The show was aired from 13th January 2008! Shefaly attended the final project catwalk filming on Tuesday 12th Feb in central london! This is a massive leap for Shefaly House of Jewels, and we hope to have our products featured in other popular television shows later in the year. Further, a handful of UK celebrities will be wearing our crystal cufflinks in the next few months to showcase out latest range! Graham Norton has a pair of Erebus crystal cufflinks in green, and his PA says that he loves them!

Shefaly House of Jewels designed cufflinks are exclusively available from, the UK's leading cufflinks web retailer, as well as through who retail Shefaly Cufflinks in North America & Canada. Also,, are one of the UK's leading range of baby and childrens jewellery and gifts for christenings, bridesmaids & birthdays are now stocking a wide range of Shefaly Hair Jewellery just for the the girls! Take a look at our latest range they are holding!

Shefaly House of Jewels is also proud to be in association with Zena Boutique Catalogue, who will be hosting a comprehensive list of famous brands directly by mail order. Zena will stock a large collection of the Shefaly 2008 range. To visit Zena Boutique's website and order a catalogue please follow this link to Zena Catalogue. Shefaly house of Jewels thanks the Zena Catalogue team for this opportunity and wishes them all the success in their exciting venture.

We are also in the process of creating new and unique cufflink boxes for our wonderful and exclusive (as well as registered design) cufflinks! These boxes incorporate our unique floral pattern, as well as our stunning pink and black logo design. These will use our unique name of Shefaly | London to allow the cufflink arm to stand on its own. We are also hoping for these to soon be commissioned by high street department stores in the UK and USA under the designer name of Shefaly | London. These new boxes are due to be available on all orders after June 2008.

Finally, we are in the process of finalising our year end advertising in bridal magazines, jewellery magazines, and fashion publications! so watch out in the press for shefaly costume jewellery!!

Also, Shefaly issued a press release to Wedding ideas in March which was printed, it offers brides advise on the top 10 tips for choosing accessories for outfits. Here it is incase you missed it! :

Costume Jewellery and Bridal Jewellery Advice & Ideas

Blog Feed, to see the full article please click on the title!

Christmas gifts for the man in your life - crystal cufflinks
It can be quiet difficult to find a gift that’s unique yet impressive when it comes to men. You could be something expensive like a new laptop or watch, or how about something not so expensive like a computer game? The problem with such gifts is that you do not know if they will like [...]

Gifts for the woman in your life at Christmas- what to buy the woman who has it all!?
Christmas is fast approaching and you are sure to be thinking of what to buy for all your relatives and friends. For the next few days we are going to go through the costume jewellery gifts you might want to buy some of the most closest people in your life. Today we thought we would start [...]

Stars walk red carpet with all the bling costume jewellery!
Just a couple of weeks ago London’s west end was transformed when all the stars of the new 007 film Quantum of Solace was premiered. But forget the gorgeous Daniel Craig, we couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous, girls Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton, as well as the supermodel Elle Macpherson and Dame Judy Dench. Olga Kurylenko [...]

How to take care of your Costume Jewellery.

Although costume jewellery is not as expensive as say diamonds, pearls or rubies, you still want to take care of whatever you buy as it can be a great accessory to pass onto your loved ones. I have so many people asking me what is the best way to take care of costume jewellery so here is a great list to refer to:

1. A good costume jewellery retailer will provide your jewellery in a keepsake/gift box. You should make sure that you keep your piece of jewellery safe and out of harm’s way in this box. It will help to keep it away from chemicals in the air and sunlight or the heat and cold.

2. Make sure that each costume jewellery item that you purchase is kept away from other costume jewellery items so that they do not rub together or tangle up. If you only have a single box for many items, try wrapping each item in a soft cloth before placing in a box.

3. Do not let costume jewellery come into contact with chemicals such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant.

Follow link for the remainder of the article.

Silver Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many colours, styles and finishes. These range from colourful reds, pinks and amber blues, to antique, silver and gold.

The Glamour of Crystal Costume Jewellery.

Not only does Marilyn Marnroe  and Audry Hepburn get to have all the glamour with jewellery in the 60’s and 70’s. Costume Jewellery is back in fashion, and is in more demand then ever before! This has been driven by the worlds top designers and fashion houses placing as much emphasis on Jewellery as they do on clothing.

Celebrity costume jewellery

This festive season the A to C celebrities can be seen in central London the latest fashions available this festive season! And with key brands and companies going down and into administration choices are shrinking. Many celebrities obtain high quality gold and costume jewellery from diamond house, but others such as the girls aloud and Paris Hiltons opt for high street and online fashion jewellery stores.

Silver or Gold Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes and colours, but the main choice for anyone when it comes to costume jewellery is whether you want silver costume jewellery or gold costume jewellery.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is slowly but surely creeping closer, and even though there is a credit crunch, who says you can’t afford fantastic, gorgeous presents. Costume jewellery is one of those gifts that not only lasts for a very long time, it’s so versatile and can be given as a gift to a loved one, or a colleague at work. Costume jewellery is so affordable, you can buy one piece costing no more than £6.00 as a children’s gift or a costume jewellery piece for a loved one that can cost £105.00.

Indian Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different sizes, shapes, colours and styles, but they all are as beautiful as the next piece.

Indian costume jewellery is no different, except there are certain costume jewellery pieces that are worn that you would not otherwise see worn in the western world. For example, a hair accessory can be worn that dangles from the top of your head onto your forehead and is called a hair tikka. This gorgeous piece of jewellery is normally worn on very special occasions like your wedding day or if you are a bridesmaid at a wedding.

Strictly Come Dancing Love Shefaly’s Hair Jewellery

That time of year is here again were fabulous celebrities hit the dance floor to Samba, Foxtrot and Waltz their way into our hearts, and win the Strictly Come Dancing Competition!And this year they are going to do it in style with Shefaly | House of Jewels’s gorgeous Costume Jewellery and Hair accesories.

And we can exclusively reveal that the team at Strictly Come dancing have decided to use Shefaly’s hair accessories and costume jewellery on the gorgeous celebrities.

Not only are their costumes as flamboyant as ever this year, but so is their costume jewellery and hair acessories, especially since they have now approached Shefaly | House of Jewels to provide gorgeous hair pins, hair combs and hair slides to adorn the beautifully created hair do’s.

The Faux Pearl & Butterly hair pin was used to do a fabulous hair do on Cherie Lunghi in the first week. With the hair pins running along the length of a french pleat and ending with a gorgeous crystal hair comb, she was sparkling all night long.

Wholesale costume jewellery from Shefaly | House of Jewels

Costume jewellery has always been regarded as a must have accessory for any woman or man. They have been bought by all types of indiviudals as they are so affordable and can dress up any outfit. Costume jewellery has been seen worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton.

Gifts Galore!

When it comes down to gifts we know it’s meant to be the thought that counts, but deep down we all know how fabulous it is to receive something you actually really love. Luckily for you, with Shefaly | House of Jewels, your ‘what to buy?!’ conundrum is nothing but a distant blot on the horizon....

See Red!

Insider Secrets : Multicolour

Be bold and beautiful for Spring/Summer 09 and colour clash by wearing stacks of bangles or by layering a multitude of necklaces in exotic colours on one area of the body to create a striking statement.   Shefaly’s collection communicates this trend perfectly, so why not try combining the Burst of Deep Colours Cocktail Ring and Citrine Daisy Flower Cocktail Rings for a truly eye-catching addition. Costume jewellery has never been so versatile and popular so go on treat your self with a new fashion accessory!

Insider Secrets: Top 5 Accessory Trends for S/S 09

Every day this week we are going to look at the top 5 trends for Spring/Summer 09 fashion accessory and costume jewellery trends.

Spring/Summer 2009 is set to see a colourful explosion of costume jewellery, as fashion moves from focussing purely on fabrics and textures to understanding the impact of fabulous jewels and stunning fashion accessories.  For an insider glimpse of the up-and-coming fashion accessory trends for this season, exclusive designer Shefaly reveals what to look out for and what not to miss over the next few days.

Add a dash of colour to dull days

...Why not try the citrine daisy cocktail ring. Its of a perfct size which allows you to wear during the day at work or even wear with your evening outfit.


Brand Sparkling New!


From earrings and necklaces, chokers and hair decorations, to bracelets and Shefaly’s own unique cuff-links, each affordable, timeless jewel offers a quality second-to-none, which means your customers can enjoy their Shefaly jewels time and time again, adding to their collection season after season.

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